Bike & Boat Swap & Sale 2017

Hoigaard's Annual Bike & Boat Swap takes place April 21st-23rd. This is your chance to SELL your bike, canoe or kayak to earn credit to buy a new bike or boat at Hoigaard's. This is also a great time to get a great deal and BUY a used bike, canoe or kayak!

Hoigaard's Annual Bike & Boat Sale takes place April 21st-30th

  • Hundreds of new bikes, canoes, kayaks and SUPS on sale - our lowest prices of the season!
  • Killer deals on bike accessories, bike apparel and more!
  • Awesome deals on paddlesports accessories, PFDs, paddlwear and more!
  • Great discounts on roof racks to help you transport that new boat or bike!