Bill Horgan - Teacher

Bill has been a fixture in Hoigaard's ski & bike shop for 15 years. Working as a part-time employee Bill has made an impact on the retail floor with his organzational skills - this year his goal has been to develop new informative signs for each model of bike and inline skate on display. That's a lot of signs and a lot of information. He always strives knows as much as possible about any given product before he presents it to a customer. Working as an elementary school teacher for many years helped instilled that desire to always learn more, and he passes that knowledge on to you.

His favorite outdoor activity is inline skating. He glides through the Minneapolis parks and participates in the regional inline events. Next in line is alpine skiing, particularly Big Sky's steep & deep. Locally he has been a ski instructor/director at Blizzard Ski School for 20+ years. His other sports are hunting, camping, biking and backpacking - Bill enjoys being active outside. He also enjoys inside time at the gym with spinning and strength training.

When asked about his favorite food, his reply was "Reservations".