Dan Juster - Master Mechanic

Dan has been playing with bikes all his life. He has worked (he might not call it work) in the bike business for 23 years. The last 7 years have been at Hoigaard's where he buys the bikes and services them as head mechanic. Before Hoigaard's he was with Kenwood Cyclrey from '95 to '04 and before that he spent 5 years at Now Sports. He has been intimate with bicycles for a long time.

Dan has a well rounded outdoor life. Beyond his obvious love of bikes, he is an avid alpine skier and skater (on ice and on asphalt) - hockey is an important part of his life. His preferred water sports are sailing and swimming. On the more sedentary side, he'll never turn down a good picnic.

When asked about himself, he was quoted as saying "I am an overweight cyclist, great on downhills, horribly slow uphill. Thankfully it helps for downhill skiing (gravity works)." If weight is an issue, he can blame his professed love of beer and pizza. (But then who doesn't love beer and pizza?)

Dan has been teaching our clinic on bicycle maintenance for years, both here at the store and out in the community. He has trained hundreds of cyclers to become more self-reliant at performing their own basic bike care.