Doc -  Store Manager

Doc is happiest on the water. He has often said that his last day on earth he wants to be loaded into a kayak and pushed out to sea. His world revolves around kayaks, canoes, standup paddleboards and everything associated with them. He buys the boats, teaches the boat classes, works the weekly boat demos, does the boat repairs and most important, he helps our customers find the perfect boat for a satisfying on-water experience. Doc has been the face of Hoigaard's Paddlesports for over 30 years.

His well-known moniker "Doc" evolved at Hoigaard's from his last name, Drone. His name transitioned first to Dr.One and then to the abbreviated "Doc" (you know, single name like Cher or Bono).

He grew up camping with his parents and was lucky to have that imprinted in his DNA. Although he has a business major he gets more joy passing on his love and enthusium for the outdoors than he does sitting in front of a computer or in an office (though he does his share of number crunching for Hoigaard's and with his accounting business, particularly around April 15).

He has paddled everything that floats in the store, but he also is skilled in other areas. Hiking, camping, and nordic skiing are all well known to Doc. His interests also expand into more adrenaline pumping pursuits; alpine ski racing, scuba diving, sky diving and kite sailing.