Gary Ball - Skier / Biker

Gary is the "Voice" of Hoigaard's. No, he isn't the voice you hear when you call us on the phone (that's Andy Turnbull). His is the Voice you hear whenever he is on the sales floor, carrying above all other sound. We like his sense of humor and his willingness to help out whenever necessary. Not surprisingly, we've used him in television commercials as well! (see below)

Gary is one of our many "old timers". He has worked at Hoigaard's for 15 years selling alpine skis and bikes, before that for White Wolf (5 years). He pratices what he preaches, being an avid downhill skier and bicycler. His preferred vacation spot is Park City where he skis in the winter and bikes in the summer.

Other activities of choice include walking, camping, swimming and beer drinking. I have it on good authority that his favorite food (to go with the beer) is potato chips.