Nordic Ski Tuning


          Nordic Ski Tuning            

All nordic skiers, despite their best efforts, will eventually slide over a rock or kick off gravel. Their bases get gouged and performance suffers. Or their waxing iron might get too hot, searing their ski base and preventing good glide wax from penetrating the base. The wax will wear off quickly and the skis become slow. When the nordic race season arrives, you won't achieve any "personal bests" with damaged skis. 
There is a solution, shy of buying new skis. At Hoigaard's we have just the machine to make things right. Our Wintersteiger RS350 stone grinder will flatten your base, improve the edges, cut the grind of your choice and make the base more receptive to hot wax. Just add the right wax and you have a fast ski. 

You have grind options for the pattern put into your base. Your choice will depend on the conditions in which ski will be used. Cold Fusion and RW1 are by far the most popular. 

Grind Options
ABSOLUTE ZERO - for dedicated cold-weather skis, a fine linear grind
COLD FUSION - a universal cold grind with a light cross pattern
RW1 - a universal warm grind with a steep cross pattern. Popular around the Birkebeiner.
BEACH PARTY - for dedicated wet snow skis, deep grind & heavy cross pattern
CORNFUSION - pronounced linear pattern, for ball-bearing spring corn snow 

The process of stone grinding
 your bases involves multiple steps. The first pass through the machine creates a linear grind to remove the existing structure. Serious gouges or scratches are now filled by hand with ptex. Next, the RS350 flattens the base and prepares it for your new structure. Then, with several passes, your structure-of-choice is applied to create a base pattern designed for cold or wet or universal snow conditions. We now clean the base with Fibertex and a hot scrape (soft wax ironed on and immediately scraped off) to remove any hairs and dust, then finish with base wax ironed into the base. 

You now have a base about as good as new (sometimes better) and with the structure that you desired. The fresh bases are very receptive to wax, so the next step is for you to iron in several layers. Or you could take advantage of our Wax Future infra-red machine to thoroughly saturate your bases with wax. Finish with a fluorocarbon wax and they are race-ready.

To find pricing on nordic stone grinding, Wax Future and other nordic services go to Nordic Tunes & Wax.