Sally Johnson - Queen of the Clothing Department

Sally first worked in the outdoor industry at Alpine Ski Shop in 1979 and '80. She started at Hoigaard's during the 1981 Tent Sale and has been here as a part-time employee ever since. (Our part-time employees have more experience than most shop's full-time staff.) And she is a gem to work with, at least on days when she isn't being "Bossy Sally".

If Sally was limited to one outdoor activity for the rest of her life, there would be no hesitation.  Golf.  When Sally travels, the focus of most trips is golf. When she has a day off, the focus is golf. She has been involved with the MN Women's Golf Association. She hob nobs with the famous people of Minnesota on the golf course. Sally loves golf.

That being said, Sally is far from one-dimensional. What drew her to Alpine and then to Hoigaard's was her enjoyment of downhill skiing. Other winter pursuits include x-c skiing and snowshoeing. Sailing and snorkling in the Virgin Islands rank high on her list of favorites. And most people don't know that Sally was a runner earlier in life. She enjoyed 10k races and worked up to a half marathon. More recently, that running has moderated to a healthy walk - in the local parks, on the treadmill and on the golf links.

Sally presides over a beautiful garden at home, enjoys reading, and in some of her most satisfying work she is a volunteer for Juvenile Diabetes Research. Being a good Pole, her favorite food is Kramarczuk polish sausage (especially when cheering at Target Field), but beyond that, she appreciates a wide range of good food and is a master of culinary skills herself. Sally and her husband Neal are serious Golden Gopher boosters, on a first name basis with the head coaches. That Sally - she's a well rounded lady.