Nordic Tunes and Wax

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Hoigaard's Nordic Grinds:              

Basic Hot Wax: $14.00
HS Blue applied with iron

WAX FUTURE -  Ski Base Saturation

$20 - Single wax application, infra-red treatment, scrape and brush. Complete saturation with hydrocarbon wax of choice.

$30 - Double wax application. Base wax applied, infra-red treatment, scape and brush followed by second wax of your choice, second infra-red treatment, scrape and brush.

Base Clean & Hot Wax: $28.00
For classic skis

Pine Tar: $24.00
For wooden skis

Base Clean: $10.00
Kick wax removal for classic skis

X-C Mount: $10.00

Additional Labor: $60.00/hr