Special Events!

SOLSTICE SOLO RACE NIGHT, JUNE 21st - Solo Race Night is returning after successful runs the past two years! Everyone is encouraged to find a solo canoe and join in the fun. This year's solo race is scheduled on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Plenty of time to cross the finish line! 

Doug Berg asked: "How about a "Derby Solo" class with stock solo boats on Solo Solstice Night?" We thought that was a good idea! Those out there with a Wenonah Advantage or a Northstar (Bell) Magic who would rather run the 6 mile Derby course, we have you covered.

PADDLER’S POTLUCKS - Always a good time! The first of our two potlucks is at the half-way point of the Derby season, on JUNE 28th after the race at Thomas Beach.
After our last race on AUGUST 2nd we move to Hoigaard's in the Miracle Mile Shopping Center for the season finale Paddler's Potluck. Hoigaard's provides the grilled hot dogs and beverages, you bring a dish to share. Enjoy some friendly socializing after the race. Final Championship Awards will be handed out!


- For information about the lake that the Derby has called home since 1982 go to "Bde Maka Ska". Translation from Dakota: Lake White Earth. Formerly known as Lake Calhoun.