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BOA® Technology: The Future of Ski Boots


Designed in 2001, BOA® Technology initially took the snowboard boot industry by storm, resulting in a revolutionary performance fit system that has now found its way into the design of ski boots from your favorite brands. 

Step into the world of advanced ski gear technology with innovative boots from Salomon, K2, Atomic and more and explore our selection of the best performing boots on the mountain.  

What is BOA® Fit System technology? 

BOA® Fit Systems on ski boots? It’s the biggest advancement in ski boots in sixty years. Leading ski boot brands have paired with BOA® to redesign boot comfort, eliminating traditional boot fitting pain points including hotspots from overtightened buckles, inaccurate sizing, and poor flex. At the intersection of performance and comfort, these revolutionary boots deliver all new levels of micro-adjustability.  

With three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, lightweight, but extremely strong laces and low-friction lace guides, these uniquely designed configurations improve your boot fit and overall performance. Trust us, you’re going to want to get your hands on your own pair.  

 Revolutionary Men’s Boot Highlight: Salomon S/Pro Supra BOA® 120 

This boot takes the “perfect fit” to the next level and challenges traditional ski boot technology. The Supra BOA® 120 features a micro-adjustable precision fit and a targeted wrap around the foot that can be easily adjusted throughout your ski day. 

Women’s Expert Top Pick: K2 Anthem 95 BOA® 

Introducing K2’s newest women’s BOA® ski boot. This 2024 season boot is an ideal introductory boot for the athletic beginner and perfect if you’re looking to level up your skills. Featuring the all-new BOA® Fit System and MultiFit Last, this boot is designed to fit a variety of foot shapes resulting in dialed in performance and a micro-adjustable precision fit. 

Men's Alpine Touring Boot: K2 Mindbender 120 BOA®    

The hybrid ski boot at the top of everyone’s winter shopping list. Simply twist the new BOA® dial for ultimate comfort. The all-polyurethane shell and cuff put the emphasis squarely on downhill performance, but with a weight under 1700 grams, it's an outstanding all-mountain and touring boot.  

Select BOA® ski boot styles and sizes are available in-store. Visit our store and shop today!