Hoigaard's Junior Ski & Snowboard Buy-Back Program

Kids' Ski & Snowboard Packages

This program was designed to help parents get their kids skiing and snowboarding in equipment that meets their needs at an affordable price and help ease the financial pains that inevitably accompany their children’s growing pains.

We understand the competing goals parents have of putting their kids in equipment that fits right and is suitable with their abilities and potential, and getting them equipment they won’t outgrow (in size or ability) in one season. Hoigaard’s buy-back program was designed to help ease that pain for parents of beginning skiers and riders.

The Buy Back program is designed to go beyond the beginning level and give parents the confidence to know they will have value for the investment they are making in their children’s equipment today – even if they luck out and their child is able to use the equipment for two seasons.

This program applies to all junior size downhill ski boots, bindings, skis and snowboards, snowboard boots and bindings sold at Hoigaard’s with the exception of Junior Race equipment and Twin Tips. This program does not require a package purchase and any piece that is saleable is eligible for trade-in. (i.e. If the skis still work and the boots don’t fit, trade in the boots and keep the skis for another season.)

All qualified junior equipment comes with a buy back value. Junior equipment purchased in the current season and returned by August 1st, 2021, will receive a Hoigaard’s gift card for 50% of their original purchase price (we need to tune it up in time for Tent Sale). Junior equipment returned after August 1st 2021 will receive 35% of their original purchase in a Hoigaard’s gift card.  
All returned equipment must be clean and in resalable condition. Normal wear is expected, however excessive wear or damage may make some items not eligible for return. If repairs are necessary to bring equipment to saleable condition, repair costs may be deducted from trade-in value. A basic tune-up and binding check will be done on all trade-in merchandise as part of the program at no additional cost.

Examples of excessive wear or damage include (but are not limited to): any gouges to the base or top sheet of a ski or board that expose core material, bent or broken edges, delaminating tips or tails, bent or broken binding parts (including brakes that cannot be repaired), missing screws, missing or broken binding windows, broken buckles or straps, ripped linings or broken boas or boot eyelets, toes or heels worn beyond binding specification.

** Parents of Park Kids – kids that ride hard in the park, grinding rails and boxes, sliding rainbows and workin’ moves off the kickers should understand that normal wear and tear for this category is often excessive and will frequently render equipment not suitable for resale, therefore not eligible for trade-in. Until they create a bomb proof edge and sidewall, that’s part of the price of keeping your kid’s away from their X-box all winter (and still cheaper than hockey). I’m sure Shawn White’s mom never complains about all the equipment he trashed learning to rip as a kid.