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Nordic Wax & Base Grinds

Wax Future Treatment

Left your skis in the bag after that last spring ski? Chances are your skis are dried out from summer storage and could use a refresh. The Wax Future is the best way to saturate your bases without multiple ironed-in applications, so you are ready to race!

Single Pass: $20 - Single wax application, infra-red treatment, scrape and brush. Complete saturation with hydrocarbon wax of choice.

Double Pass: $30 - Double wax application. Base wax applied, infra-red treatment, scape and brush followed by second wax of your choice, second infra-red treatment, scrape and brush.

Race-Ready Waxing

Drop your skis off at Hoigaard's and we will treat them to our Five Star Wax Service in preparation for your next race. We stock the wax, tools and expertise necessary to prepare great gliding skis. Relax and let us do the work!

We use Fluoro-free wax from a variety of manufacturers for the best possible glide on race day!

Nordic Race Waxing Drop-Off Times 

Please call for availability.


Hoigaard's Nordic Grinds

There are three critical factors which contribute to fast skis: ski flex, wax and base structure. Our Nordic experts at Hoigaard’s can help you with each of these components, even if you are simply looking to ski for fitness and fun. 

  • Absolute Zero

    Best for temperatures below 10 degrees.

  • Cold Fusion

    Best for temperatures between 10-20 degrees.

  • Fast Times

    Versatile grind that works well for most temperatures.

  • Uncommon Grind

    Not often seen in the Midwest. Works well in temperatures just below freezing.

  • Butter Grind

    Best for humid snow days with temperatures between 33-40 degrees.

  • Beach Party

    Best for temperatures above freezing and strong sunshine.

Additional Services

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Wax Future


Wax Future II Pass


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Grind & Wax Future


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