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Learn to Bike Program

Registration for 2024 classes is now open! Call or visit us in-store today to sign up.

What is the Learn to Bike Program?

Our new Hoigaard's Learn to Bike Program is designed to get your child out and riding confidently on two wheels this summer. Classes are offered to children ages 4 and up and the best part...it’s FREE! Each session will be hosted in the Hoigaard's shopping center parking lot every Sunday from 9:30-10:30 AM. 


How does it work?

Step 1 Sign Up

There are two options to sign your child up for the Learn to Bike Program: 

- Call the store and schedule an appointment with a Hoigaard’s associate: 952-929-1351

-Visit us in-store to sign up

Step 2 Join your lesson

Each session will be hosted in the Hoigaards shopping center parking lot every Sunday from 9:30-10:30 AM. 

Directions to our store and our phone number can be found here.

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What to expect from each class:

- Classes run May 19 - July 28. Each session is 1 hour long. Class will be in the parking of the Hoigaard’s shopping center, The instructor will be there 15 minutes prior.  

- Class is designed to be parent friendly. Parents will need to stay on premises; however, can be as involved as much or as little as they want. 

- Most kids learn to ride in three classes or less. We encourage kids to practice at home in-between classes. 

- Adults are welcome! If you are looking to learn or re-build your skills on a bike, please sign up by calling or visiting us in-store.

- REQUIRED: Please bring closed toe shoes, your child’s bike and helmet and liability waiver. 


What should my child bring and wear to class?
  • Bike: saddle low enough kid can touch ground comfortably, tires inflated, training wheels removed 
  • Other: Sunscreen (classes are hosted in the store parking lot and will not provide shade), water, snack, closed toe athletic sneakers (no crocs) and clothes you can easily move/bike in 
  • Liability waver: Please print the waiver that will be provided when you sign-up, sign, and bring with you. 
How many classes should my child attend in order for them to feel confident and riding unaided?

We encourage your children to take 3 consecutive classes through our Learn to Bike Program to feel confident and riding on their own. We also encourage your child to practice at home during week.

What if my child doesn’t own their own bike?

We want to make sure a child grows through and out of a bike, never into a bike. If you’re worried about which bike may be best for your child, check out our sizing chart below or ask one of our many experts to help you find the right size! Our experts are here to make sure your child feels comfortable on their bike. You can also come in-store a few days in advance of your child’s first class and we can assess if they are on the right bike. 

  • 35” – 40” tall: 12” bike  
  • 39 – 46” tall: 16” bike 
  • 45” – 52” tall: 20” bike 
  • 51” – 63” tall: 24” bike 
  • Above 58” tall: XS adult bike 
Will the class be rescheduled due to the weather?

Please call the store ahead of time if you are unsure. The program is weather dependent but will run as long as the precipitation isn’t too heavy.

How do I enroll for all 3 classes?

One you’ve signed your child up for their first class, they will automatically be enrolled in the next two classes.