Meet One of Our Epic Experts: Chester – Hoigaards

Meet One of Our Epic Experts: Chester

Role: Assistant Store Manager and Shop Lead 
Epic Experience: Going on 5 years 




What makes you an expert at what you do? 

I've been in the paddle sports industry for over 15 years. I've also been tuning skis and mounting for five years and working on bikes. 


Favorite story/memory from working in your role? 

My favorite memories are watching how happy kids get for their new skis or a new bike. 


If you could give a guest your best unique pro-tip, what would it be? 

When it comes to water sports and paddling a canoe, keep your paddle vertical and in the paddlers box. 


What’s your favorite outdoor activity? 

In the summer, my favorite outdoor activity is whitewater canoeing and climbing. In the winter, I enjoy skiing. I enjoy getting outside and the challenge and camaraderie!