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What Is My Ideal Bike? Our Guide to Finding the Right Ride for You

Picking a new bike isn’t always easy, particularly if new to the sport or if your needs are somewhat varied. Whether you want to commute, get fit or just explore the surrounding area, a bike is the perfect tool to do that. Our stores offer a variety of choices and categories – from road to mountain, gravel, electric, and even kids’ bikes. 

The first step is to determine what you intend to use your bike for, and this may depend on your own taste too. Whether you’re an urban commuter, a quick road racer, a trail wizard, downhiller, gravel path explorer, E-bike enthusiast or something else, there’s a suitable bike out there for you.  

Drop into Hoigaard's and speak to one of our experts, who can assist with the right fit, expert bike tuning and services, and even offer apparel and accessory recommendations!  

Road bikes: Best for riding faster on tarmac  

These bikes lend themselves best to riding on smoother paved surfaces. There are small variations between full-on race bikes that focus on aerodynamics and endurance bikes, which give a little more comfort for longer rides. There is also an increasing trend to fit bigger tires that give some flexibility for riding on uneven terrain, but overall, a road bike is for, well - the road.  

Mountain Hard Tail Bikes: Best for rough, rocky and bumpy terrain 

Going off road and need plenty of grip and stability? A mountain bike could be for you. These are rugged machines with fat tires and lots of clearance to help pass easily over rocks and other obstacles. Gearing is designed for climbing steep grades and disc brakes ensure strong efficient braking. These bikes are great for true off-road adventures! 

Gravel Bikes: Best for a bit of trail and a bit of road riding 

Take on light trails and other varied surfaces with confidence. Gravel bikes have come a long way, mainly thanks to the fact that you can do a lot on them. They look a lot like a traditional road bike, but look closer and you see fatter, grippy tires, a more relaxed geometry for comfort and varied gearing.  This is a fun option for those who want a little versatility in their riding lives.  

Ebikes: Best if you need or want a little (electric) helping hand when you ride 

Ebikes can be a game changer for those who want the thrill of riding a bike but are seeking an extra boost when the road or trail points up. They’re even a great option for leisurely trails with that added electric support! Dipping in with some assisted power when hitting a hill, or helping to get going when at a standstill, these bikes tend to support the rider rather than do all the work for them. One small downside is that they can be heavy thanks to the batteries and there is obviously the issue of charging and range. (An Ebike with a drained battery isn't much fun on a hill). 

Kids Bikes – Plenty of options for your little rider! 

Kids’ bikes come in all shapes and sizes to suit all ages and abilities, as children’s needs also vary wildly depending on their ability and age. Sizing is key from balance bikes for the pre-school crowd, upwards to the 16-inch wheels that pre-teens would progress to. Kids bikes also need to be pretty robust to stand up to the wear and tear they are typically subjected to by their fearless owners.  

How much should I spend? 

Good news! You don’t have to spend the earth to be able to ride away on a good bike that will last for years. Budgets vary from person to person; the good news is that there is likely something on offer within your price range at Hoigaard's.

Top Tip!  

So, you now know what sort of bike you want, what’s next? A benefit of our locations is that you can speak directly with an expert to view, sit on and ideally test ride some bikes instead of purchasing online. The wrong size can result in discomfort or worse and a our experts offer guidance and advice on what is right for you as well as assist with fitting and future servicing needs.  

Our staff are experts at finding the right bike for you and/or your family. Drop into Hoigaard's to discuss options today!