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Hoigaard’s has been supplying camping gear for over 90 years. Catalogs from the 1920’s showed the tents we made strapped to the running boards of Model T Fords. While we no longer make our own tents, we continue to offer a wide array of equipment for any outdoor adventure. We were there at the dawn of nylon tents. We were there when the first modern backpacks began to replace the old canvas sacks. We were there when sleeping bags supplanted the bulky roll of wool blankets. And we are still here, with great product lines from The North Face, Osprey, Deuter, Mountain Safety Research, Big Agnes, Marmot, Thermarest, Granite Gear, Optimus, Sea to Summit, CamelBak and many more!



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Tents at Hoigaard's

Hoigaard's has been a purveyor of quality tents for quite some time - throughout most of the 20th century we were commonly referred to as "Hoigaard's the Tent Maker". The original canvas tents that we sold were built in our own factory, sewn by our own seamstresses. While they were quite heavy by modern standards, they were solid and weather tight. Our best known model was the Gopher (being a good Minnesota company), and it was available from the 1920's to the early 1960's. These tents did a good job of keeping their occupants comfortable and dry and they were state-of-the-art in their time, but as you would expect, designs have evolved dramatically beyond canvas walls and wooden poles. Most of the tents now are a fraction of the weight and bulk with improved waterproofing and increased stability in stormy weather. And compared to the old days, modern tents are a pleasure to pitch and are usually freestanding. (A note regarding freestanding frameworks: All tents, including freestanding tents, are far more stable in high winds with the addition of guy lines. Please use them!)

For lightweight camping, look for flexible aluminum poles (found in most of our tents) supporting a tent body and rainfly of nylon or polyester. Siliconized fabrics in some tents are amazingly light yet strong. The more poles supporting a tent (3 or 4), the greater the wind stability, fewer poles (ususally 2) means lower weight - your choice depends on your priorities. Expect modern tents to feel roomier than the rigid-pole tents from a generation ago - due to increased headroom from well-designed flex-pole frames - yet they often weigh less! Weights for the lightest 2 person tents now start at just over 4 lbs! We stock light and mid-weight tents from The North Face, MSR and Big Agnes. For family camping, modern equivalents to the old Gopher tent can be had from Eureka and North Face.

If you stop at Hoigaard's to shop for a tent you won't have to make your decision based on a picture in a catalog. If a tent is not already set-up we are happy to pitch it for you. Our sales staff loves talking about tents, take advantage of their expertise!

From rugged equipment for the base camping family outing, we cover all the needs for our camping enthusiasts. Whether you camp from your car, canoe, kayak, motorcycle, bike or get out there in hiking boots, Hoigaard’s should be at the top of your list when planning your next outdoor adventure. We feature the best in performance and value from the most respected manufacturers of outdoor equipment in the world. From the essential basics to esoteric accessories, Hoigaard’s is truly a “big kids” toy store for avid campers.