Snowshoes – Hoigaards


Minnesota's frozen, snowy landscape invites us to explore areas that cannot be easily traveled after the spring thaw. Wetlands, bogs and little backwaters offer new surprises at every turn and snowshoeing is the way to go. In the land of 10,000 lakes, forests and fields, the opportunities are endless.

Hoigaard's carries a variety of snowshoes and accessories to suit snow enthusiasts of all sizes. Snowshoes are also available for rental.

Dissecting the Modern Snowshoe

Everyone who tries snowshoeing enjoys it. There's a freedom in walking through the silent winter world, creating your own little adventure as you go. You could do this on cross country skis, but snowshoes are so easy. They offer much more control and maneuverability when walking through brush and stands of cattails or on slopes in the woods. Snowshoes fit easily in the trunk of your car - when you happen on that perfect spot of winter scenery, take 'em out and go for a stroll. No advance planning required.